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Prices in Poland

What attracts visitors from abroad is the quality of customer service, modern clinics, almost no waiting time for surgery, well-educated medical staff, and certainly low cost of treatments. For those reasons Poland is commonly called by foreigners “low prices paradise”. If you want to convice of competetivness of the prices in Poland , check our specially prepared price list with approximate costs.

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Who we are for?

Our services are for people, who:
  • Want to take advantage of the medical services with global standards, saving even 80%.
  • Value time, convenience and safety and want to get the help of professional company that comprehensively organize their treatment and stay abroad.
  • Want to combine the treatment in Poland with rest, relaxation or sightseeing.

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More Questions

Do I have to plan my trip by myself?

No. This is in 100% our task
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Do you charge any fees from the patient?

H & B does not charge any additional costs. Read more…

How about booking the treatment with the clinic directly? Maybe it is better idea…?

Definitely not, because the price of the treatment will be the same as the price you will get from us.Read more…

More Information

Medical Tourism
It is a new type of tourism, which combines treatment and rest. Because of competitive prices many people are deciding for this form of treatment and rest at the moment.
Poland is a leader in medical tourism.
Recently Poland has become an important center for the global medical tourism. Here your treatment can be up to 80% cheaper than in your country. In addition to financial issues our advantage in the international market of medical services is a professional staff, high quality of service and modern medical equipment, which conforms to world top standard.
The cost of treatment in Poland versus a high standard.
In Poland, the treatment costs are much lower than in other countries, and yet the medicine is at the highest global level. This is because in Poland costs of running the medical business are much lower than in other countries. Any medical procedure which is carried out in our country conforms to all international standards.
Best-class clinics and hospitals
Each clinic, which we cooperate with, has been carefully selected and tested in every aspect. Our clinic is characterized by professionalism, high quality of patient service, well-trained medical personnel and equipment, which conforms to world top standard.
How much foreign patients save in Poland.
Research conducted by the portal (March 2012) shows that up to 83 % of respondents said that the main reason for treatment abroad is its lower cost (71% declared that they saved more than two thousand pounds, and another 12.7 % – up to 10 thousand pounds). Dental and orthopedic treatments provide the biggest savings. The report also shows that 51 % respondents had never been before in the country, where they had a therapy. At the same time, nine out of ten respondents stated that they would have the same treatment again, and would recommend such a trip to friends and relatives. 84% of surveyed would return to the same doctor or clinic where they were already treated.
There is more for demanding ones
This travel can be combined perfectly with family trip. Poland has many attractive tourist places and we will care for the high quality of your holiday.